And I promise that we can make up for lost time
You always held your temper when I lost mine
And you always understood what's on a boss mind
So I swear I'd save your life if it costs mine

That's on everything, baby, I'd take a bullet for you
Pull for you when no one else is pulling for you
Cause you did it for me - you said we'd make it happen
When they laughed and said I would never make it rappin'

Huh, but we livin' much better now
Rolls Royce Ghost, Burberry sweater now
Hermes purse, Learjet-setter now
Who would've thought we'd be makin' this much cheddar, wow!

Let's have a toast to my enemies
And to my haters, you bastards, you give me energy
The fuel to succeed - to be a better me
And live the life that I lead - the Black Kennedy